Friday, 6 December 2019

Summer learning journey ( teaser week = week 2 activty 1 )

This week I have signed up to a summer learning journey where we have to do activity thought the weekend and at the end of the program there are prize you can win and the top prize is out of a drone or a Ipad But it starts on december the 16th this week is only a teaser week where you can learn more about the program I want to win at least one of the spot prizes. But one of the teaser week activity is find a person and write about the similar I choose Shelly-Ann this is what I have done there is another one.

Monday, 18 November 2019

In the weekened

On Saturday my uncle, cousin and I have a sneaky breakfast down at the bakeries then traveling to the farm to feed the animals (pigs, sheep,cows,goat) we had to re-located the pigs in the hot sun down the hill more after the dogs (misty and fatty) got let out they started chasing the chicken all the way down the hill by the road we tried to call them back but one dident and went to close to the road and the car came across hit misty to the ground we all stood them look for five second runing down to get her misty was crying for help my uncle carrying her and we put bandage around her leg giving her all the attention. riding back in the front seat with me laying down sadly, last night was the best as she layed with me all night hopping to get better. looking in the morning how sad she was but lucky worst happened to her.

Monday, 11 November 2019


So in the weekend on Saturday my mum had a work breakout with hers mate that works with her, we had it at the kawakawa bay of island collage pools we booked the whole place out and even the basketball courts. we set up early in the morning like 9 o clock, people started to arrive with plates of food, there was a table of snacks and food for the kids when they are hungry it was yummy tasting the cakes, popcorn, chocolate, we swam for 6 hours straight we were playing games in the pool with balls and toys  but at night ... we meet this girl called Kiara she was one on my mums mates daughter  we were in the room watch videos, playing games, eating junk food. We transferred room and laugh at, too each other until a little girl named leilai walked in making penny wise eyes at us so us three ran out of the room were we found Thomas he was talking about how this was a spirit living in the house we were scary but we dident really care so we went back in the room and I some how got stuck in the couch so ocean and kiara turned the light on me and shut the door I screamed and ran out. 

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Kapa Haka National

Tuesday at 9 o clock we had a full bus travel to Hamilton for kapa haka nationals, the trip was long and loud music playing in the background with people talking. We were pretty excited to go for a swim at the pools until we got stuck in traffic and that took our swimming time away. But at least we got to do it on our way home after the mean performance. Te rau pou manawa o kawakawa  performed in front of hundreds of people and we were there to support. Hearing their voices gave me chills by watching them you could tell that they have practiced a lot. We stayed at Te Aratiatia te marae in Fairfield collage and the inside was full with unique designs that cover the marae. We also went to see te rau pou manawa at their marae were we saw Kingston waiting for us. The hangi we had for dinner was beautiful, especially the dessert.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

My movie

Last term on the last week of school we got given time to plan our movie we were going to make for the next term the filing we had edited was very interesting I am saying that because the way people think differently coming up with ideas to present a movie and what there doing or making. we have to present our movies in front of the class hoping to be picked to the next round showing the whole school watching everyone movie was great making stopmotion, green screen, panit 3D and more but we have all voted of what movie should go to the movie festival.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Tuia writing

We have been learning about what have happened around Mecary Bay, on bored and off shore we each had to pick a character about what they done in the day the bomd went off after that we had to pick a object and pretend that we are the object of the day. It was pretty easy to get the information for the cards  at the back not really hard 

Monday, 14 October 2019


For the two week holidays that I have enjoyed with friend and family, the days that are now memories. One of my favorite day is the second week when I nearly stayed at my friend house for almost a week  with another friend we played around on our device and watch movie and stay up late  and I mean late like 3:00 am late and my other friend payton we listen to music and play hid and seek outside in the dark and spot light and making each other laugh and watching horror movie it was fun but scary atleast we had yummy snacks and my friends even came to my house but all we done was dacing and playing with my annoying sisters and watching more scary movies and have lollies and spring rolls but its good that we spend time together becaues we are all going to different school next year for collage and it will be good if we had some memories