Monday, 22 July 2019

Free writing

My holidays 

The begging of my holiday adventure gave me butterfly in my stomach just waiting to see family and friend, traveling places far and short and attempting netball tournaments that we won all our games and got in to the final, everyone was so happy. I wish the weekend were longer.
Seeing my family from Australia, Auckland, Ahipara was so nice reunited and getting along family we we have not seen in ages.
We were traveling everywhere up north  to stay with family and going to activity  
like trampoline park, the movies to watch lion king and toy story 4 they were both great movies maybe you should go watch it one day.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Maromaku sports day

Last week we had a lot of groups of kids go on the bus to representing the school at Maromaku sports for the day, poelpe are going to play netball and rugby That day was really good for my team because we won all of our games and got in to the finals and still won that game but I heared that everyone else games was good to witch I was really happy for that to happened. As we got back to the bus we went to the tuck shop tol get some drinks and food that was really good especially the juices but the bus was really crowed from loud kids but we got back to school safe.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Scratch project

The day my class went to Waitangi that is when learnt how to code on scratch is when you can move with coding it was a great experiments to lean about these things our mission was to make a animation of our writing that we done on first encounters but I done one on Abel Tazman the first person the find new Zealand the part when he blow the horn and the maoris thought they wanted war but Abel dide'nt know what is meant so they started fighting i'm not finished it I wished I could but here is it make sure you push the space button the play the video.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Tuna and Takakau

Last week we have tuna and takakau each person has to bring a short fin eel because the long fin eel and going existence, the person with the biggest girth and weight and longest length gets a prize Kailah had all of them for her waight it was 5kg ,length 86.5cm and the girth was 15.5cm after all of that some people made some creative takakau we even had it with some yummy hangi and there was a prize for the tasty and the creative designed hangi. I was great seeing family members coming in to class the see their kids learning.

Two week ago on week eight  we done a first encounters on captain James Cook, we had a choose of 3 pieces of writing to do that was information report, fictional recount, exposition. So I picked a recount I made a story of me looking into lieutenant Zachary hicks as he travels around the world to adventurously find New Zealand. I write 10 pages of good describing writing, we only have two week to complete our work plan, writing, publish, I published my work as a book like my other class mate.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Free writing

After the Saturday netball that we my team won I stayed at my friends houes for  her birthday for a night with my other 3 friends, it was a long night as we were playing games(blinds man bluff) and laughing at videos that we made on the trampoline, eating delightful food such as pizza, chocolate, chicken nuggets and lollies we dident go to sleep until really late at night. The day we woke up after that night we had the best pancakes with fruit (banana and strawberry) and ice cream, we all had a fun day out in whangarei playing 10 pin bowling and lazer maze and even eating some cheese cakes.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Te reo

Every week we have a Maori teacher that comes in and tech's us maori and last week we learnt how to introduce/welcome our grandparents in our pepeha, It was a very new and interesting to learn and say in that lesson. This post we had to make a google drawing about what we have learnt over the pass two terms kinda hard to remember it but it was pretty fun.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Free writing

People on the mainland look and the Wormwood family a banded house just because it was made outside of town in a hill and it looked broken on the outside but in this house was a family with secrets. Each night people peek out there window to explore the light for the rusty old house as one person walks out of the house in pitch black clothes as people saw the black figure strolling towards the forest they wonder if it`s only one person or more but you will never know.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Rocket challange

Today for our rocket challenge we are designing and making our own rocket, we had cut out our wings out from ice-cream containers and made a cone from the top of another bottle, we have to wrap tape around the bottle to get a good cut. We had to glue everything with a hot glue gun, we had to change the top wings fast because it was the wrong size and wrong design. It was pretty fun making them and next week I think we are launching them with matua pete. But please comment on my post bye.

Monday, 27 May 2019


Last week On Thursday some people came in to talk about a website called scratch, scratch is a sprite you can make it move with motion, looks, events and control you can do a lot of things they are doing it to both of our senior class room 6 and 5 the program that they do is called Raranga Matihiko. Like last year we went to Waitangi to check out their different apps like stop motion, V.R, green screen and much more cool things they even showed us about some history but this year we are going back to Waitangi to look at some more new things to do on technology.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Math street

Over the past 2 weeks room 5 and 6 have been learning about fraction streets and how the work, we have learnt all about dividing and times factions, this week we have been set the ask to make our own street and questions up. so I made my one like this is the best I can do I`m not that creative.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Free writting

There was a house for sale at the abandoned forest I thought I should check it out, I was a pretty scary ride on the way there, the road was so wiggly and bumpy and trees were blocking the sun making it a long dark shade at the end on the road as a gate that opened by trolls as the car stopped at the entrance  The house look like a million years old the window was dirty the wood was rusty but the door like like nothing harmed it it was white as a cloud. The magic trapped in the house exploded in my face the joyful happy looking house and one of the room was filled by book everywhere you look is books.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Free writting


Last week on Friday it was our assembly we had to do taumata for the week we performed a waiata and some kaiarahi went to ackland for national young leaders so they spooked about what they done there we also presented some information about our topic for voyaging about the stars, constellation and our solar system. And we made a video of a car pool karaoke that only took us to day to do two class rooms.we really enjoyed making our assembly it was fun watching our embarrassing video.

Monday, 8 April 2019

free writting

Hour till I reach my destination, feels like I was walking for my whole life. The mountain was higher than the sky and wider than the sea to hard to look far away The mountain of High Hrothgar had stood proudly for thousands of years, casting a solemn shadow for miles around. Few dared to venture close to its base, let alone scale its heights, fearing what awaited at the summit. For one brave adventurer, the folk lore surrounding the mysteries of High Hrothgar provided an opportunity just too tempting to resist. Some called him courageous, others foolish, but it mattered not to him now.

Monday, 1 April 2019

free writting

She stares at the water Confucius of the event that is going on with her parents, thinking what will happen next. As a fiugar hit the surface making a loud CRASH! the cloud became grey the wind became wild the effect of light set low.“You can’t leave without me! Where are you going?” The words came out like a squeak her throat felt tight as she struggled to fight back the tears that had begun to stain her pale cheeks.Mud was now splattered up the front of her dress as she stumbled over the sodden ground. A feeling of overwhelming panic and despair filled her trembling body. 

Monday, 25 March 2019

free writing

The engine screamed as the wheels spun round. His heart pounded. Tim knew that he only had seconds to act. There was a long, moss-covered log wedged underneath the jeep, preventing it from moving. The wheels continued to spin pointlessly, smoke starting to billow out from underneath the bonnet, A terrifying roar filled his ears, and he knew the monster was right behind him. He could feel the ground shake beneath him as its gigantic feet collided with the ground. He knew what would happen if it caught him, and muttered a prayer beneath his breath. Tim suddenly found himself lunging forward. He released that the wheels must finally have found some traction, and he breathed out with relief as he sped off onto the path once again; the wheels of the jeep content to be chewing up the firm gravel once again.

Monday, 18 March 2019

free writting

It was a ordinary day, In a ordinary town as they day went by as the night has fell the the ordinary town came to life. It was a strange town with strange people in site, that was more then a hundred maybe more stars and moons shining bright. When a strange mist walk bye and everyone saw cheering he was in a fright for what beyond the wall outside. He stands there looking above the sky and the thing guiding me go hid the wall was high the ground was low he slipped and fell to the bottom of the hole.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Story tin

This week in our classrooms we had a school kit, we have a item that we have to describe what it is or what you feel, I wanted to do a green gem so I found almost 40 word to describe my object after I done that we have to make a poem out of the words so, we yous website called

Monday, 11 March 2019

free writting

It seemed like an impossible task. Keeping each lantern alight took focus and determination from the whole army of volunteers. Waves of orange and yellow danced in the gentle breeze as the sparkling sea of light took over the horizon. As far as the eye could see flickering flames shone upon this special place. They were almost ready it was almost time

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

woman suffrage

This week we have been learning about woman suffrage. Woman suffrage was about woman did`ent have equal rights to men so a men named Kate Sheperd did not like it so she wanted woman to be allowed to vote in Parliament

Monday, 4 March 2019

free writting

one day it was a warn and sunny day to walk in the woods. she see something in the distance that was able to follow deeper into the woods. It looked like a bright light to light to path soon in 10 more steps she looked around and could find the figer only animals surround her as step back slowly .she found herself in a lot of trouble as her eye grow like owls.the place looked enchanted 

Monday, 25 February 2019

free writting

On Monday morning we have 20 minutes of free writing so here is my writing today

My dream 
As I was gazing down the track as it expanded as far as my eyes could see, I was walking for miles still no way out, it was like a never ending hallway, there was green everywhere you look , she trys busting her way through the thick green trees she notices it was hopeless so see carries on. she sees massive foot steps going in the same way as her was heading she was curious to know what else is in here with her, she hears noises coming for a distant she stood her ground waiting