Thursday, 20 December 2018

North and south

My hometown where I live is at kawakawa is very famous for the hundertwasser toilets right in the middle of town where Gabriel the Tain runs straight through the middle of the road. Our town is filled with friendly people and with shops everywhere in one spot. Kawakawa is known to find and discover coal at 1861 there a museum that tells you everything you need to know

The top facts

My 3 top fact about New Zealand is ...

That the offical language of New Zealand is mostly Maori and English and it will be Maori and English even if other culture come in and speak different language.

New Zealand has a Maori name that is Aotearoa that means the land of the long white cloud because it is called the long white cloud At day there was a long white cloud guiding voyagers to New Zealand.

In New Zealand we have 4 famous movie from New Zealand that is once were warriors / whale rider lord of the ring / the piano and I so wish hunt for the wilder people are on that list.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

paying to farwads

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If I went back in time to 1930 I will bring:
Photos of big building
Bored games
Fast foods
Make up
Arcade game
A mini car