Monday, 24 June 2019

Free writing

After the Saturday netball that we my team won I stayed at my friends houes for  her birthday for a night with my other 3 friends, it was a long night as we were playing games(blinds man bluff) and laughing at videos that we made on the trampoline, eating delightful food such as pizza, chocolate, chicken nuggets and lollies we dident go to sleep until really late at night. The day we woke up after that night we had the best pancakes with fruit (banana and strawberry) and ice cream, we all had a fun day out in whangarei playing 10 pin bowling and lazer maze and even eating some cheese cakes.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Te reo

Every week we have a Maori teacher that comes in and tech's us maori and last week we learnt how to introduce/welcome our grandparents in our pepeha, It was a very new and interesting to learn and say in that lesson. This post we had to make a google drawing about what we have learnt over the pass two terms kinda hard to remember it but it was pretty fun.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Free writing

People on the mainland look and the Wormwood family a banded house just because it was made outside of town in a hill and it looked broken on the outside but in this house was a family with secrets. Each night people peek out there window to explore the light for the rusty old house as one person walks out of the house in pitch black clothes as people saw the black figure strolling towards the forest they wonder if it`s only one person or more but you will never know.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Rocket challange

Today for our rocket challenge we are designing and making our own rocket, we had cut out our wings out from ice-cream containers and made a cone from the top of another bottle, we have to wrap tape around the bottle to get a good cut. We had to glue everything with a hot glue gun, we had to change the top wings fast because it was the wrong size and wrong design. It was pretty fun making them and next week I think we are launching them with matua pete. But please comment on my post bye.