Monday, 13 February 2017

kawa of care

we are getting a flash back to the kawa of care
from matua Chris

this helps us learn to take care of chroombook

and please look after your chrome book.


  1. Hi Tunisia.
    I like your layout in your D.L.O. It is clear and very easy to read. The borders are very appealing. Next time you post a blog - double check you can see all everything you are writing - the word "two" is hiding behind the border. I would also like to see your reflection.

    Keep posting.
    Whaea Sally

  2. Hey Tunisia,

    I like the layout you have done its really easy to read,
    these rules are very important to know to keep you chromebook safe!

    Thanks Lucy from Yaldhurst Model School.

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  4. Hi Tunisia,

    I think you did three good points to look after your chromebook.
    You also cloud add, do hold your chromebook with two hands when you carry it.
    Would you ever do pictures to explain the rules?
    Kind regards
    Yaldhurst Model School.