Friday, 25 May 2018

cheese making

This week on Thursday for technology we have been making cheese and experiment for the last weeks about it we have

first we put milk and lemon juice in a bowl and put it in the microwave  
wait until u have filled it to the top. 
And we started scooping the curds out from the milk in a mound 
with mutton cloth.

carefully lifted up from the sides of the mutton cloth and tie
it in a note strong note too. and make sure you get all
the weigh out of the bag or juice out.

Get two plates,place your mutton cloth on a plate
put the other plate on top and squash it down.

put some heavy book on top of the plate and squash it again
put the juice back into the bowl you have all ready used.
and enjoy waiting for your cheese in a fright for a hour and you can eat it ok bye

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  1. Hello my name is Sam and i love your how to make cheese thing now i know how to make cheese, and i have no feed back for you it is great