Friday, 17 August 2018

Carpool kar

This Friday was our assembly and we had fun doing our items but this one is the best item. We only had 15 minutes to film with a song connected to the car but it was really cool seeing our video because  we only saw our own ones and not everyone else and this is all about lip-sync.make sure to follow me fro more and comment to me and I will reply.

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  1. Kia ora Tunisia,
    This is the best post I have seen today. I loved Kawakawa Car Pool Karaoke last year and it's even better this year! You've all chosen some great songs and rocked out some great moves with your lip syncing. I love Mrs Henare and Miss Cowles joining in and even Whaea Verbina and Mrs Ross! I bet you all loved choosing your songs and creating your movie. How long did it take for you to plan your song and dance moves for the car?