Monday, 13 May 2019

Free writting


Last week on Friday it was our assembly we had to do taumata for the week we performed a waiata and some kaiarahi went to ackland for national young leaders so they spooked about what they done there we also presented some information about our topic for voyaging about the stars, constellation and our solar system. And we made a video of a car pool karaoke that only took us to day to do two class rooms.we really enjoyed making our assembly it was fun watching our embarrassing video.


  1. Hi Tunisia its Payton from next door I really liked your blog post about our assembly, it reminds me all about the items we worked hard on. My favourite part about this was definitely the bloopers. I dont really see anything for you to fix up, its all great and keep it up. Make sure to check out my blog

  2. Hi Tunisia it's me here from next door. I really enjoyed the songs you done and I found it really fun and cool to do another Carpool Karakoke this year. The song I done was London Thumkda which is a song that me, Jacque and Miria found funny and it made us hyped. If you have time and want to you can check out my blog at

  3. HI Tunisia its Satyn from next door I really enjoyed our assembly it was fantastic and funny the carpool karaeoke was the best, the bloopers was funny and I just enjoyed the rest of the assembly. cant wait for our next assembly.
    if you would like to check out my blog here it is

  4. Kia ora Tunisia, it’s Dayton from Paihia School, I really like your blog about what you did for your class assembly. I like how you explained what you did at assembly like doing a waiata because that is what we do at assembly. I didn’t get to watch the videos but I would guess it was funny like the one from last year.
    I think your blog post is great and I hope to comment again.
    P.S Link to My Blog