Monday, 8 April 2019

free writting

Hour till I reach my destination, feels like I was walking for my whole life. The mountain was higher than the sky and wider than the sea to hard to look far away The mountain of High Hrothgar had stood proudly for thousands of years, casting a solemn shadow for miles around. Few dared to venture close to its base, let alone scale its heights, fearing what awaited at the summit. For one brave adventurer, the folk lore surrounding the mysteries of High Hrothgar provided an opportunity just too tempting to resist. Some called him courageous, others foolish, but it mattered not to him now.


  1. Kia ora my name is Dakota from Kawakawa Primary School, Today you have presented one of your free writing pieces. I really like how you used very descriptive language and how you set a mood to a very mysterious mood. It really reminded me of the time I went hiking. I just have one question is “High Hrothgar” the place or the mountains but other than that it’s a great piece of writing. Go check my blog out thanks and bye :)


  2. Hi Tunisia it’s Payton from room 5, I really like your narrative you did on your free writing, It has a lot of descriptive writing in it and I really enjoyed it. It reminds me of the story I wrote this morning that I did about my journey to wellington. Maybe next time you could just remember to fix up a few words, because I saw a few words that didn't really make sense but other than that it was really good. If you have the time make sure to go check out my blog bye for now

  3. Hi Tunisia it’s tahlya from room 5 I really like your new blog post about your free writing and I really like your writing it’s a really cool story and I really like it maybe next time thought you could write a little bit more and then it would be amazing and I really like the picture that you picked to also if you would like to look at my learning my blog address is I hope you also leave a comment on my blog bye